Cindy has posted the announcement on the Facebook Group page here and has also sent the same message through email. SAme message is posted below:


It's with excitement and trepidation that I have a very important announcement. 

Now.. as you know I have always strived to uphold integrity as best as I can.   There have been issues in the past that have lead to big costly (out of my own pocket) expenses - mostly where i've partnered with someone and it hasn't gone to plan, they haven't upheld their end of the bargain or something wasn't as well planned out as it should have been. 

DFY Hero was one of those.  

The partners chose to stop supporting it, looking at it as a liability  as we offered unlimited wordpress installs, which they SAID they could support but couldn't. 

So - I offered to buy the whole platform from them - at an out of pocket expense of mine of $10,000.   Our developers then went to work on trying to fix it, optimise it (so it would actually load faster), we spent a lot of time developing new templates (which the previous team promised but never delivered...) and so on.. 

We upgraded to much larger/faster cloud hosting - and still ... the sheer volume of the platform just wasn't built to handle it - and with server costs continuing to go up (aka. right now it's well over $2k a month...) and developers working on it (another $2k a month) - and very little residual income coming from it, I have no other choice but to close it down. 

NOW... I know ...!  This sucks - especially if you paid $20 five years ago - and have set up websites on there.   Any time you've invested of your money or your time, it costs - and I'm sorry for that. 

I've tried with all my might to avoid this, our team has tried for months to resolve the issues we've continuously faced but as hard as I can - i have to call it.   I can't keep paying for a liability when in all honesty .. 99.99% people have probably forgotten about and are no longer even using it (not just guessing... we've done the numbers) 

So here is where we're at.   We've been trying for the last 6 weeks to create a way for you to export your sites, so I can at least give you a chance to do that...!  BUT ... NOTHING we've tried (costing us an extra $5k in the process...!!!) has worked. 

So i've nothing left but to say - we will be closing this down in 72hrs from now.  

Your sites will be gone forever.   I know for many of you this isn't going to matter.  Like I said, 99.9999999% of the sites on there actually provided very little value to the internet.  If yours did then I'm truly sorry...!   

If you have content, articles or images you'd like to save, please go there now and copy/paste and save them. 

We have no way of retrieving them once it's gone.  

Now I know.. there's a temptation for you to go all "OMG!!  SHE'S A SCAMMER..!!!"  And I want to say please, have a little compassion.  I've been hosting sites at great out of pocket expense for many years and just cannot anymore. 

For anyone who is still paying a monthly subscription (there are a handful of you xx) - we've organised something kinda cool.   You should have received an email from us but if that hasn't worked please email and we'll fix it. 

Basically what we'll do for you is give you an UPGRADED account at FunnelMates.   One thing i've learned through these last 4-5 years of crazy internet partnerships etc, is that there's nothing like building and creating products you OWN from the ground up.   FunnelMates will continue to grow - and has been built to scale (as DFY Hero very much wasn't...? ) 

If you had a base level of DFY Hero membership we can give you access to a base level of FunnelMates membership if you don't already have it, or if you do - we'll give you some funnels in there to help you get more value out of what we've created. 

Sorry again for the hassle - it wasn't my intention ever.  A lot of IM'ers will just delete the site assuming people have probably forgotten about it anyway (and in most cases they probably did.. ADHD community we live in haha), but I'll take ownership for this error.

When one door closes, another opens - so there's excitement over here as I'll now be able to pour more resources into building things of more value for you... 

We've got a lot in store for you, so thank you for your understanding - please grab anything off the sites you have asap and if you have any questions please contact our support team

Lots of love xx