Hello DFY Hero members. Cindy has posted an important announcement in the FB Group last July 23.

I am also pasting the content of her post below:

DFY Hero Update.
Sorry to say, we're still having issues with the server. First it was SSL, then our database blew out to over 60GB (and almost 700GB of websites) - which crashed.
This week we've tried multiple things to restore the database to hopefully avoid loss of any data - things haven't gone well, but... a solution is in sight!
Unfortunately, with the size of this database repairing it is a challenge, but we've found a solution - and are still actively working to enact it.
We expect at least 4-5 more days of downtime, after which - we'll be making an announcement of the changes and how they'll affect you.
Basically - ALL 9,000+ DFY Hero sites are hosted in one central database, which ... is just plain stupid. We're in the process of developing a new way to manage the sites with "sub-servers" so your sites will load dramatically faster and potential for a catastrophe like this will be impossible (members sites will run across multiple servers)
Anyway...! I know this is not the news you were hoping to hear - i truly was hoping we'd have this resolved by now - but I just want to assure you, we are still working on this and WILL get things up again soon. I'll update you when we have more news.

We advise to visit the FB group regularly for updates on this matter.

We do appreciate your understanding and ask for you to bear with us.