If you are a DFY Hero customer (or intend to be one), please read this carefully. 

First, we thank everyone who picked up DFY Hero earlier and those who will join us soon. 

We also apologize for the inconveniences a few of you have had with regards accessing your accounts. 

I want you to know we wanted this to be as seamless as possible hence this post is long overdue and should clarify things for everyone. 

No 1. - Accessing your purchase 

After your purchase is successful on any of the platforms, you should receive an email from DFY Hero with subject line that reads “Your DFY Hero Login”

Inside the email, you will see the link to the membership site where you can login using your email as both username and password (this can be changed when you login)

NOTE: your access to the membership portal doesn’t automatically create your DFY Hero account where you have the 100+ prebuilt site templates. 

This brings me to the first confusion a lot of you had earlier...

There are 2 accounts you’re getting after your purchase.

The first is the membership portal ie https://membership.getdfyhero.com/login.php 

This membership portal account is automatically created at point of purchase. 

The second is the main DFY Hero dashboard. The one you can access at https://dfyhero.com/login

This account is manually created by you. You can get your unique link from your membership portal after you’ve gotten your access. 

Please this is very important so I’d repeat...

There are 2 accounts: 

1. The membership portal, which is auto created at point of purchase with the details sent to your email and login via https://membership.getdfyhero.com/login.php

2. The MAIN DFY Hero account dashboard that YOU CREATE YOURSELF using the unique link inside your membership portal. The DFY Hero MAIN dashboard is where you can actually create your sites via https://dfyhero.com/login

No. 2 - Blank Login Email Issue

It was brought to our attention that a lot of you received a blank email that was supposed to carry your login details. 

We apologize!

 If that was you, kindly follow these steps to access your purchase:

Step 1: Visit https://membership.getdfyhero.com/login.php and enter your email address as both username and password.

Step 2: If you bought the deluxe plan and above, once logged into the membership, kindly navigate to the Deluxe plan and you will see a purple button in the middle of the page that says "Click here to register your account". 

NOTE: If you bought a higher plan, kindly visit the plan tab accordingly and you should register your account through that tab.

Step 3: Visit that link, select your first site template and then follow through to create your MAIN DFY Hero account (don't worry; it takes only a few seconds and you can change this template anytime you want :) )

No 3 - Reseller Accounts

For everyone who bought a reseller account, here’s how it works:

So once you login to the membership dashboard at https://membership.getdfyhero.com/login.php you should navigate to the reseller package that they bought. 

You will see a form to create your user accounts. You can create both standard and deluxe accounts. 

Once the users are created right inside of the membership portal, they will have same access as those who bought either of those 2 plans.

NOTE: If you cannot see the form under your reseller account, kindly drop your email address for us privately and we will get you sorted asap!

No. 4 - Invalid bonus link issue 

We also noticed there was a wrong link on Bonus #7. This has been fixed with the correct link. 

Kindly refresh your bonus page again to download it. 

Any additional concerns or questions? Kindly drop them in the comments here so we maintain a thread for this particular topic and all things DFY Hero.

Again, thank you guys for choosing DFY Hero. 

Our goal is to collapse the time it takes for EVERYONE to build their own websites (or the time it takes to build one for a client), without all the costs. 

We really hope that you experience that hence we’re always available to help any way possible. So let’s hear it all in the comments below.

Cheers and many thanks!