If it's not getting shared, then it's likely it's not content people want to post onto their pages.  Remember that these are real people, with actual accounts - so if it's not something you'd like to share yourself, it's unlikely other people will want to either.

So focus on quality, making it something they're gonna want to share.

It's possible you just need to make one of two little changes.

1) Make your marketplace listing appealing to people. 

When you're filling out the info on the first campaign 

page, that will be seen by Traffic Ivy members.  Make

it look enticing for them to want to check it out. 

2) Make your campaign content something you'd be

happy to share on your blog, Facebook page, etc.  I mean,

if you wouldn't share it - other people might not want to


3) See how many points you've allocated.  Sometimes

you'll need to pay a few extra to get noticed, depending

on the niche. 

4) Speaking of niche - some niches will be busier than

others.  Want a way to get more points? See if there are

some niches in the marketplace that have campaigns

but not many people sharing, and create an asset in that

niche that you can use to share and earn points...

And then step into different niches too.

If you’re stuck use my guide here on how to write great articles in less than 20 minutes