Go to the ‘My Traffic Campaigns’ page, located in the sidebar.


At the top of the page, click on the ‘Create New Traffic Campaign’ button.


Fill out the ‘Campaign Info’ form with your Campaign Name, Description, Image, Category, and Tags. If you’d like some guidelines on how to make your campaign eye-catching in this section, you can check out our other guide here. [link to appropriate How To Write A Catchy Campaign tutorial]


Once you’ve filled everything in, you also get the option to tick the ‘Consider for Featured Post’ box. If you choose to tick this, your campaign will be considered by our team to go on the handpicked Featured Marketplace Content on the Dashboard. If you’d like your post to be considered, tick the box then click ‘Next’. If you don’t want to be considered for Featured Post, just click ‘next’.


Now select ‘Video’ out of the Content Types listed, then click ‘next’. It’s worth noting that your video campaign will only be able to be shared via YouTube. If you’re wanting your video to also be shared through other social media platforms or blogs, you’ll have to add your video into an Article or Social campaign.


Now, you can insert your content using the ‘Add Media’’ button up the top. You can upload any video as long as it’s under 200mb. If you want to make your own video content for your campaign but aren’t quite sure how, feel free to check out our Video Creation Tutorial here.

You can also embed videos from other sources, for example, YouTube. To do this, find the link to the video you’re wanting to embed and click the ‘Add Media’ button. Instead of uploading your own file, find the ‘Insert From URL’ button on the side, click that, then paste your video link in.

Once you’ve got your video sorted, you can move onto the next step.


Now that you’ve got your video uploaded or embedded, you can also type in your own description for the video in the textbox shown on screen. This can be whatever you want, but most successful video descriptions make good use of keywords, and make sure to put the most important parts of the description towards the very beginning. The first 180 characters will generally be what people see of your description before clicking, so make those characters count!

Once you’re satisfied with the video you’ve uploaded or embedded, and with the description you’ve written, click ‘next’.


Right now, you have two options. If you’re all done, you can go right ahead and click the ‘My Content Is Ready’ button and skip to Step 10.

If you’d like to also publish your content as another campaign type, you can choose out of the Social, Advert, or Article options then click ‘next’.


If you’ve chosen to add another content type, you can head to our tutorials for Social, Advert, and Article types for tips on how to use Traffic Ivy to get the most out of these content types.

Once you’ve finished creating all the content types you’d like to include in your campaign, select ‘My Content Is Ready’.

STEP 10:

Now it’s time to assign campaign points. Just input the number of points you are willing to spend into each section. Once you’ve done that, your campaign will be instantly posted to the Marketplace, where other community members will be rewarded with points for sharing your campaign.