The video tutorials we have in the Briefing Room area inside your Covert Commissions account refers to those who purchase the main/original Covert Commissions license. This is different from the special bundle offer we are running at the moment.

For the original Covert Commissions system, what happens is, you sign up for a Covert Commissions account, and then to activate it, you purchase the main program which comes with credits that allows you to unlock products (missions) and promote them. It also allows you to integrate an autoresponder and gives you new credits each month.

Once you login to your members area, you will find a product that comes with promo tools that you can use. To add more products (or missions), you need to use your existing credits. You can also purchase additional credits if you wish. 1 credit allows you to activate 1 product/mission.

Since you purchased the special bundle we currently offer, what happens here is, you purchase the bundle, and then create your Covert Commissions account. Once you activate your account (by entering your JVZoo transaction ID), the bundle will be pre activated and appear automatically in your Missions area, ready for affiliate approval and promotion.

The training in the Briefing Room should still be able to guide you in using the Covert Commissions system. The only difference is that you skipped the step on purchasing missions since the missions (the Bundles you bought), are already in your My Missions area.