I am sorry for the misunderstanding!  You may have missed it, but our themes and plugins require you to have a self hosted Wordpress blog.

Don't worry though, it really is easy and quite cheap to set up.

These are two of the most foundational skills to have in internet marketing and can look intimidating at first glance but once you have mastered these you will be well on your way to success!

First thing you need is a domain.  The domain is something like yourchoiceofwhatever.com and is the .com place that you can send people to.  

As you can imagine, having your OWN place to send people to that is easy to say is MUCH better than something.wordpress.org… it looks pro, google loves it and it's all yours!

You can get a domain name at sites like godaddy.com or namecheap.com

The other thing you need is hosting.  Hosting is where all of the pages for your website are kept, so that people can go to your website and see all of the great work you have done.

You can get hosting really cheap at hostgator.com - starting at about $4 a month.  

You can also get domains at hostgator too, so if you are REALLY not sure on what you are doing, get both at hostgator - and don't be afraid to use their support desk.  The live support is amazingly responsive and really helpful.

While we can't walk you through the whole process of setting wordpress up etc we can refer you here